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About the Book

The combination of a business plan, an action plan, and a to-do list, Two Sentence Business Plan is a powerful tool for anyone who wants to write a business plan that will help them start and run a profitable business.  Here’s how an entrepreneur, like you, describes it:

I found 2 Sentence Business Plan ” very easy to apply and extremely user friendly. Devesh’s “2 sentence Business Plan” is very well organized, and covering every single details you as a Business owner and a lender might want to know. I’ve never thought about writing my own business plan, simply because I thought it is really complicated, but with Devesh “2 Sentence Business Plan”, it was easy for me to write my own business plan. One of the things I found it really interesting about Dev’s BP is when you start reading the example he gave, and you start implementing the example on your existing or future business you feel, you are really visualizing what you are writing. At the end, I can say, it’s a great tool, very helpful and extremely user friendly. Thanks Devesh for developing this tool for business owners.

– Sam AbdelMalek, Entrepreneur

Winner at 2015 Small Business Book Awards

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What they are saying…

I love your two sentence concept for writing a business plan – your framework forces one to get to the meat of the matter which makes the business plan lean and lovely.

– Suzen Sam, Social Media Consultant at HiddenGround.net

Two Sentence Business Plan was the first time I ever actually felt excitement in the face of a business plan as opposed to the more usual dread.

– Nicholas Lutsch, Entrepreneur

“Two Sentence Business Plan” is highly recommended for people just wanting to start-up. This just cuts through the slag of approaching things in an age old way. New potion absolutely! Keep inspiring Devesh, You are doing a great job right across the globe 🙂

– Ravi Kikan, Managing Partner at OUMGlobal

In our attention deficit society, brevity is key to getting your message heard. Keeping your business plan to two sentences is exactly the kind of format that will cut through the noise. Short, concise, simple, effective.

Chris Eh Young, Entrepreneur, Speaker, & Strategist at B2CY Connection Solutions

This is a great roadmap that can help people move from planning (overplanning, over-researching, over-thinking, over-perfecting,etc…) where many of us stay stuck and get to the actions that will actually help us build a profitable business.

Tai Goodwin, Editor-in-Chief and Employedpreneur Advocate at LaunchWhileWorking.com

About the Author

Devesh is a serial entrepreneur who loves to help aspiring entrepreneurs. He started his first business, a comic books rental company, when he was 14, and since then he has founded and co-founded several businesses. He has an MBA and worked for multiple Fortune 100s in Corporate America but being a square peg he never fit in that round hole. Devesh has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses. In 2012, Devesh was recognized  as one of the Top 100 Small Business Experts in North AmericaHe has authored two books:  

Breaking The 9 to 5 Jail that helps the cubicle imprisoned aspiring entrepreneurs get out of the 9-5 rat race and start a business based on their purpose, passion, and priorities. 

Two Sentence Business Plan an action guide like book that won the 2015 Small business Book of the Year under Resources category and that helps business owners write their own business plan.

Devesh also teaches Entrepreneurship & Innovation MGT214 at Columbia College, Calgary and volunteers with Futurepreneur to support & promote youth entrepreneurship. Devesh’s business tips and advice can be spotted in National & major media channels including Forbes, Inc. Magazine, AMEX Open, Globe & Mail, Calgary Herald, Mashable, Business Insider etc.

Devesh is very friendly and an easy to reach person – tweet him a Hi at @deveshd or connect with him on Linkedin – http://www.linkedin.com/in/dwivedidevesh

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